Şahan Savaş Karataşlı is an Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro.

Dr. Karataşlı examines dynamics of historical capitalism, inequality, social movements, labor, and nationalism from a global and long-historical perspective. He uses quantitative and comparative-historical methods to examine serious challenges facing the world, and prospects for social justice in the 21st century. 

His research on historical dynamics of capitalism has received many prestigious awards by the American Sociological Association including the 2021 Distinguished Article Award (PEWS), 2018 Distinguished Article Award (PEWS), 2017 Best Faculty Article Award (Sociology of Development, Honorable Mention), and 2014 Theda Skocpol Dissertation Award (CHS).

Dr. Karataşlı’s research has also been translated to many world languages including Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, Persian and Turkish.

Dr. Karataşlı is teaching comparative populism in SAIS, Bologna Campus, Italy. (Photo Credit: Sydney van Morgan)

Before joining the Sociology department at the UNCG, Dr. Karatasli worked as a postdoctoral fellow and an associate research scholar at Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies (PIIRS) at Princeton University; and as an assistant research scientist and lecturer at the Department of Sociology and the Arrighi Center for Global Studies at Johns Hopkins University. 

Faculty of the UNCG Sociology Department, 2019

He received his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Sociology at Johns Hopkins University, where he worked with Giovanni Arrighi (1937-2009) and Beverly Silver, and wrote a dissertation titled “Financial Expansions, Hegemonic Transitions and Nationalism: A Longue Durée Analysis of State-Seeking Nationalist Movements”.

Şahan Savaş received B.A. degrees in International Relations and Sociology at Koç University, Turkey.

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