Courses Taught at University of North Carolina at Greensboro

SOC 302 Introduction to Data Analysis | Syllabus

Courses Taught at Johns Hopkins University

230.205 Introduction to Social Statistics   |  Syllabus

230.265 Research Tools & Technologies for the Social Sciences   |   Syllabus

230.325 Global Social Change and Development Research Practicum  |   Syllabus

230.359 Research Seminar on Global Social Protest   |   Syllabus

230.407 Comparative Labor Movements Research Seminar   |   Syllabus

230.460 Research Seminar on Stratification in the Modern World Economy: 1600-2014   |   Syllabus

230.600 Introduction to Social Statistics   |   Syllabus

230.644 Reading Capital @ 150   |   Syllabus


Other Teaching Experience

Populism in Comparative Perspective (SAIS Bologna Campus, ITALY)   |   Syllabus

Social Change and Transformation (Yeditepe University, TURKEY)

Introduction to Sociology (Doğuş University, Turkey; Bahçeşehir University , TURKEY)

Research Methods in Social Sciences (Yeditepe University, TURKEY)

Research Methods in Social Sciences for Communication (Doğuş University, TURKEY)

Computer Software and Analysis for Social Scientists (Yeditepe University, TURKEY)

History of World Civilizations II (Yeditepe University, TURKEY) 

History of World Civilizations I (Yeditepe University,  Doğuş University, TURKEY)