SSNM Database


The State-Seeking Nationalist Movements (SSNM) database includes two unique datasets for the world-historical analysis of nationalism. The first dataset (SSNM Dataset 1) includes articles reporting on state-seeking nationalist activities throughout the world from 1804 to 2013 using international news reports. The second dataset (SSNM Dataset 2) is compiled from secondary sources and it includes revolutionary situations and conflicts involving state-seeking movements from 1492 to 1829. 

Citation Information

When using the SSNM database, please cite the following article:

Karataşlı, Şahan Savaş. (2020) Capitalism and nationalism in the longue durée: Hegemony, crisis, and state-seeking nationalist mobilization, 1492–2013. International Journal of Comparative Sociology. 61(4):233-263. doi:10.1177/0020715220946473

SSNM dataset 1

This dataset includes articles reporting on a wide spectrum of state-seeking nationalist activities throughout the world from 1804 to 2013 using The Guardian/Observer (1804–2013) and The New York Times (1851–2013) newspapers. Appendix A describes the coding instructions for the SSNM dataset I.

SSNM Dataset 1 (1816-2001) multivariate version:

This dataset shows the total count of State-Seeking Nationalist Movements from the Guardian/Observer in country-year format from 1816 to 2001, together with several other relevant variables.

You can access Karatasli (2020) IJCS replication files including the Stata (.dta) file, .do file, and variable descriptions for statistical analysis covering 1816-2001 from here.